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Midland Evangelical Free Church • Midland, Michigan
1700 seats • Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Grace Community Church • Newton, Kansas

I just wanted to extend to you another THANK YOU for your work and attention on our project. The last few weeks have given me more opportunities to enjoy the acoustics of our room. We had our kid's Christmas program last weekend and even without proper micing they could be heard. In preparation for our adult program this week our music pastor is having the choir sing down the seating aisles on an opening song and commented how well they could hear themselves as they sang - it works because of the design of the room. Thank you again for the wonderful acoustic (and system) design of our room! God truly blessed us by bringing you into our path when He did. I have enjoyed working with you (and Blair and Tod) and count you as good friends and part of the new ministry opportunities that God has given us in our new building.

Allen Smith • Technical Director

Grace Heartland • Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Many, many thanks and blessings to Curt and family at Taipale Media for the design of our new youth room here in Elizabethtown Ky. The room sounds and looks incredible and we are convinced that God will use this tool in mighty ways to reach our youth in the heartland of Ky. I established a relationship with Curt early on when the project was being dreamed about and know it was one of the best decisions made during our entire building project. His dedication to our project through completion, his brilliant ideas that essentially saved us money (and looks great), his teaching, his knowledge about "all things audio", and mostly, his dedication to Jesus Christ have me convinced and I am proud to have been involved with Curt and Taipale Media. If you need the services they have to offer, don't hesitate. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our experience at greg@graceheartland.org.

Greg Bolton • Technical Director

Midland Evangelical Free Church • Midland, Michigan

About 3 years ago I stumbled across our Curt and Jeanna's website and have been an avid user of the resources ever since. So much so that, just last Sunday our church had the first of many worship services in our new worship/gym space designed with TMS as our consultant. The worship space acoustics and A/V system was designed by TMS and please forgive my pride but the system that TMS designed for us was in no other words but "Killer" We are in a county of about 80,000 people where only 20% attend church. The church wanted a venue with a system that would support Christian music groups and become a outreach in the mid -Michigan area. A capacity of 1700 seats and the system designed by TMS has made this possible. And I have go to tell you the spirt of God already moved during those first two Sunday services.

If I could give anyone advice, starting out with a new project and you want the A/V to be right, get your consultant in as early as possible and make the consultant part of the Church's building committee. We had problems early on because or design/build firm thought we were crazy for doing things the way Curt wanted to. The architect was somewhat insulted when TMS came in and suggested changing wall angles to help with the acoustics. We got what we wanted and the multi-purpose room turned out awesome.

From the room design working the local design build firm, to the selection and contracting guidance with the installer, to "voicing" the final product TMS did a top shelf job all the way around. MEFC can't thank TMS enough. Ya'll are the best!

Steve Shafer • Former Lead FOH Tech

Westminster RPC • Suffolk, Virginia

The church that my son got married in is a large A.G. church in Norfolk. I had always considered its sound system and acoustics among the best in the area. It's good, but cannot compare to ours. I have now been officially spoiled.

Roger Rockey • Technical Director

First Baptist Church • Bethany, Oklahoma

Now that we have been in our new facility for a few months, I have had the opportunity / need to patch a variety of different sources to different locations.  I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for the attention to detail and forethought you put into the layout and routing of the patch plates and interconnects!!!  It almost doesn't feel like a typical Sunday without scrambling for a roll of cable at the last minute to tie something in!  Then having to look for some gaff tape so nobody kills themselves, since you strung that cable from one end of the room to the other!!

The even, consistent, and beautifully clear sound no matter where in the room you sit is wonderful.  Far better than what we had before!  We received MANY MANY compliments on both the install, system design, and performance of the systems!! Great job again to everyone involved! Thanks again guys. 

Thanks for your vision, your execution, and your patience with the process known as committees! Please feel free to use me as a reference on any of your future installs.

Greg Bellah • Technical Director

Dudes!  Your design/implementation like totally rocks.  We finally used it just a bit more than what you heard for the opening Sunday.  We had Dino in concert tonight.  We've had him before, but never been able to do anything remotely close to what happened tonight.  I was using all sorts of video tie lines for upstage cameras, side cameras, and so on.  He played to soundtracks of CD's and DVD's.  It looked and sounded phenomenal.  Being able to show the camera shots on the screens looked very good.  Sound wise...it sounded way cool.  You guys really rock.  I've never ever had this much fun putting together a show.  Rather than struggle with how are we going to do this or that, it was rather "wow I've got all sorts of options" and let the creative juices flow.  Man, thanks!

Tod Bussert • Former Technical Director

Word of Grace Church • Chesterland, Ohio

Last night we held a concert in our new facility. I had been thinking: Here we go again – too much too soon. It definitely was a taxing event. Four bands: Last Tuesday, John Rueben, Sanctus Real, and Superchik.
One high point I thought might interest you – their head audio and lighting guys made a statement to me that went something like: I have been touring for four years, and this is the best sounding venue I have worked in. They had no need to stroke my ego so I believe it was a genuine compliment. Definitely needed to pass along the credit.  

George Burdette • Technical Director

First Covenant Church • Salina, Kansas

I want to thank you and Tod for the wonderful system we have in our new church.  There were many challenges that made a lot of the project difficult, but the result is fabulous.  …

We have been in the new facility for about 8 months now and I thoroughly enjoy operating the system and using it as a worship leader.  The DM 2000 board is amazing and we probably only use about 50% of its capability.  I love the flexibility of assigning inputs to channels, the simplicity of assigning effects to channels, the EQ section...I could go on and on.

The video equipment is also exciting to use.  The effect is awesome & enhances everything we do.  The FSR Compass makes us look professional as we transition from video to computer.  There is so much that is possible now and ease of doing it is very motivating to all of us.  With all the equipment at our disposal, when we make a mistake it’s a really big, obvious one now, and everyone can see who did it since we are on a raised booth!!! Just a joke!  Actually, it’s so helpful to have an unimpeded sight line from the booth to the platform.

Thanks to both of you and your efforts to make this a reality. 

Bruce Johnson • Technical Director

Alpha SDA • Austin, Texas

Our Music Director, Gloria loves the system!!  It did, in one evening of practice, what would have her taken months to accomplish and made her many enemies, since she would have had to step on so many toes, especially after just coming back to the music department after a hiatus of years.  We had been praying about that issue for weeks, not knowing that God’s answer would be a sound system. 

Quincy Quinlan • Volunteer Technical Director

Agincourt Pentecostal Church • Toronto, Ontario

I would highly recommend Curt Taipale and his entire crew.  They have done wonderful work for us.  We are extremely pleased.  Our Board and congregation have noticed the marked improvements from everything that they have done.  They are extremely professional.  They know and understand churches very well.  While I am in this position at this church they will consult with us on all sound, acoustic, lighting and video work that we do from now forward.  We are beginning a significant building remodel and are in the process of interviewing architects.  We have instructed each architect that all of that type of design work on the sanctuary, gym and chapel will be done by Taipale.

In the consulting world, they would be one of the most affordable I have ever worked with, especially given their high level of experience and expertise.  They care about the project and our church.  I am certain that we did not get billed for all of their time. 

Wes Carlisle • Former Church Administrator

Northside Baptist Church • Corsicana, Texas

The sound was absolutely incredible Sunday. I know there were some quirks, but to all of us out front everything sounded beyond great! I’m sure I was not the only one with tears in my eyes. Hopefully the clearness and quality of sound will put to rest any ideas that it was not necessary.

Michael Ryer • Former Music Pastor

Pleasant Valley Church of Christ • Little Rock, Arkansas

I just wanted to report back to you on how things have been going since we moved back into the auditorium.  I have had several opportunities to be in this space during services since then and I am happy to report that the sound is very good.  I feel like the presentation and the clarity of the sound are outstanding, both for the spoken word and for the song leaders.  I think you both know that I was really anxious about the sound and worried that if the addition of these speakers didn’t result in some significant improvement, lots of people would be disappointed.  Thanks for your recommendation of the [line array] speakers and for your expertise in programming them as well.

I plan to move around and sit in different places over the next few weeks in order to check the sound throughout the auditorium.  If I find any areas that concern me, I’ll let you know.  I will say this:  I sat in the center section, about three quarters of the way toward the front one Sunday evening, and the sound there was the best I have ever heard it. 

Mike Steelman • Architect

Living Bread Fellowship • Washington, Missouri

Guess what?  I got to mix FOH on one of your systems this summer.  It was for a Darrel Evans worship event at Living Bread in Washington, MO.

The system absolutely rocked!  It did fine at 110-112 dB at the mix position.  Great design and implementation. I pushed the low end quite a bit more than they had ever heard it done on their system.  It held up just fine. ... They told me their system never sounded better!

Paul Tassler • Visiting Sound Engineer

Living Bread Fellowship • Washington, MO
800 seats • Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement System

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