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Taipale Media Systems, Inc. is a full-service consulting firm specializing in acoustics and performance system design for churches. Started in 1981, we consult with churches throughout the US and abroad.

Is your goal simply to make sure that you are using the equipment you already have to its fullest potential? Or are you ready to upgrade your current technical systems? Maybe you're launching a new building project and you need somsone to partner with you on the technical systems that will support your ministry. Or maybe your crew just wants some training from someone who has lived (for years) right where they are. Whatever your goal, TMS is prepared to come alongside you and help you get there.

Our scope of involvement varies with each project, however most of our clients appreciate the benefits of allowing TMS to take the lead position in all of the following areas.

Getting the Most From the Equipment You Already Have

The TMS Two-Day Turnaround

Room Acoustics

Sound Reinforcement System Design

Video Projection System Design

Video Capture System Design

Production Lighting System Design

Architectural Lighting System Design

Mechanical Noise Control

Sound Isolation

Installation by Church Members

Design Assistance to Church Tech Staff

Installation by Contractors

Project Management

Peer Review

Tech Team Training

Allowing TMS to take the lead role for the design of all the technical systems allows us to head off any logistical conflicts before they become a problem. For example, if there is a positional conflict between where a loudspeaker needs to go versus where a production lighting fixture needs to go, we can work that out in-house well before the installing contractor starts to put things in the air.

No project is too large or too small for TMS. We are comfortable designing acoustics and production systems for churches of any size. The majority of the projects that God seems to be bringing us these days include main auditoriums that range in size from 200 seats up to 4000 seats. Some are traditional, most have very contemporary worship music styles. We are also seeing more and more churches leaning heavily on in-house video production.

Is yours a DIY church? Maybe your sound tech has the desire to design your new sound, video or theatrical lighting system himself. They know what they want, but don't have the design tools, software, or knowledge in certain key areas to deliver a proper design. If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, please know that TMS is entirely comfortable in coming alongside your techs to help them through that design process. We can provide as much – or as little – design assistance as they need over the course of a project.

Getting the Most From What You Already Have!
I started this consulting firm in 1981 in response to churches asking me to help them get the most from the equipment they already had to use. That's a perfect role for me. Since I don't sell any equipment, I'm not tempted to sell a church stuff they don't need. In the majority of cases, I can resolve concerns that a church has by making certain adjustments to their equipment and/or training their crew on how to better use their gear.

Rare is the church whose loudspeaker system doesn't need a tune-up. And often the church isn't even aware of the problem. Oh the stories I could tell you. Like the church in Long Island, New York that asked me to help improve their sound. Within moments of listening to the system, I realized that the high frequency drivers in all four of their main loudspeakers were blown. So all the sound clarity was missing. All vocals sounded muffled. I asked the volunteer sound tech how long they had been that way. He shrugged his shoulders and replied that he had been there for five years and the system had always sounded like that. What!?! We had those high frequency drivers replaced with new units that same day and all were amazed at the improvement.

In that case, the high frequency drivers were blown. But the reality is that all loudspeakers fatigue over time, especially if pushed hard. That directly impacts the quality of sound your congregation hears. If your loudspeaker system has been in use for more than a couple of years without having been tuned by a seasoned professional, it is highly likely that you are not hearing the quality of sound that your system is capable of.

My Dad was fond of the phrase "pay me now or pay me later," and over the years I've found that to be so true. And it turns out that preventive maintenance is money well spent. The best thing you can do to keep your loudspeaker system sounding its best is to have it tuned once a year, or at least once every two years. Bring us in for a day to re-voice your system, and let us apply our 30+ years of experience and thousands of dollars worth of first class analysis gear to pull the best sound out of your system. You'll be very glad you did.

We would be greatly blessed to work alongside your project team to raise the level of technical excellence in your existing church, or to help you on your next building project. We can help you achieve the level of technical excellence that you have envisioned without losing sight of your budget realities.

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  Consulting References

Here is just a small handful of our recent and current projects. We would be honored to provide you with contact information for any of them. Please feel free to ask. Understand that the project teams at these churches had the same initial questions about our capabilities that you probably have. You might even notice that many of these churches are a long way from our offices in north Texas, and yet they ultimately hired us despite the distance factor! They took a chance and discovered firsthand that choosing the right designer is far more important than the cost of a couple of plane tickets. Chances are that if we’ve done a good job for these folks, that we’ll do a good job for your church as well. God’s laws of physics don’t change, and neither does our heart to do the best job we know how to do on each project. Let us know if you have additional questions.

Cypress Wesleyan Church – Columbus, OH
1500 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video Projection, Video Capture & Theatrical Lighting (pictured above)

Blackhawk Evangelical Free Church – Madison, WI
Multiple Auditoria, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Trinity Christian Academy – Addison, TX*
900 seat Performing Arts Center, Sound, Video & Lighting

Parkview Baptist Church – Alexandria, LA
1000 seat Main Sanctuary, Acoustics & Sound System

Grace Heartland Church – Elizabethtown, KY
Youth Chapel, 500 seats, Acoustics & Sound System
Main Sanctuary, 1100 seats, Acoustics & Sound System

North Davis Church of Christ – Arlington, TX
1000 seats, Acoustics, Loudspeaker System & Lighting

Calvary Christian Church – Lynnfield, MA
1000 seats, LCR Sound System Design

The Pentecostal Church of Memphis – Memphis, TN
1100 seats, Acoustics & Sound System

Grace Fellowship Church – Florence, KY
Main Sanctuary, 1000 seats, Acoustics & Sound System
Youth Chapel, 500 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Calvary Baptist Church – Bethlehem, PA
900 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

First Presbyterian Church – Montrose, CO*
300 seats, Sound System Renovation

Derwood Bible Church – Derwood, MD
900 seats, Acoustics, LCR Sound System, Video & Lighting
(currently in progress)

Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church – Hillsboro, KS
800 seats, Acousics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church – Mesquite, TX
1100 seats, LCR Loudspeaker System Design

Trinity Baptist Church – Big Springs, TX*
1000 seats, Room Acoustics

First Baptist Church – Bethany, OK
1000 seats, Acoustics, Sound & Video Projection

Northland Christian Church – Topeka, KS
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

First United Methodist Church – Boerne, TX
Youth Chapel: Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

First Baptist Church – Midland, TX
Main Sanctuary, Acoustics & LCR Sound System Renovation
New Chapel & Welcome Center, Acoustics & Sound System
(expansion project currently in progress)

Victor Valley Christian Center – Victorville, CA
500 seats, Sound System Design & Acoustics

Liberty Christian School – Argyle, TX
1000 seat "Gymnatorium", Sound System Voicing

Fellowship Bible Church – Topeka, KS
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Westminster Presbyterian Church – Oklahoma City, OK
100 seat Youth Room, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Antioch Community Church – Waco, TX
800 seats, Acoustics, LCR Sound System Design

Midland Evangelical Free Church – Midland, MI
1700 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Middletown Christian Church – Louisville, KY
800 seats, Acoustics & Sound System Design
(currently in progress)

Living Bread Fellowship – Washington, MO
800 seats, Acoustics & Sound System Design

People's Church – Edmond, OK
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Lynn Haven UMC – Lynn Haven, FL
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Valley Bible Church – White River Junction, VT
500 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church – Nassau Bay, TX
2000 seats, Acoustics & Sound System Renovation

Grace Community Church – Newton, KS
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

New Hope Church – Effingham, IL
1000 seats, Acoustics, Sound, Video & Lighting

First Covenant Church – Salina, KS
1000 seats, Sound & Video Projection

Cross Timbers Community Church – Argyle, TX
1500 seats, Acousics, Sound, Video & Lighting

Bear Creek Bible Church – Keller, TX
800 seats, Acoustics, Sound System & Video Projection

Southern Hills Baptist Church – Tulsa, OK
1000 seats, Sound System Renovation

Agincourt Pentecostal Church – Toronto, ON
2000 seats, Sound System Renovation

(Click here for more project references.)